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Sep 08

Glitter, glitter is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of what Illumina does to the beautiful colors delicately placed in each client’s flowing locks.

How is this different than just regular highlights/lowlights with the usual brands? Illumina creates that lasting shine to bring out all the natural tones in a color. It leave the overall look and feel like that of a polished celebrity or that model hair you have been dreaming of.

Glossing alone is meant to revive and bring life back into dull hair. A glossing treatment is simple, but makes the biggest difference when completing the overall look of your color. There are many tinted options of glosses that are designed to bring out the shine in a variety of colored hair. For example, these tinted glosses can range from brighter blonde (to cancel out brassiness) and gold (to bring out warmth in your strands) to red or brown hues (to bring out the warmth in darker shades of hair).

By using the Illumina product line, you can expect an extra dose of shine with an emphasis on a healthy, natural looking glow to the fresh color.

At Femme Chic, we love to use only the best for our beautiful clients and would not have anything less. We want to be up front and tell you what is being used and for each client to totally trust that they are in the best, knowledgeable, and trendy hands.

Stay beautiful! Smart Hair for Smart Women

Illumina Glossing that really makes hair shine and brings out that natural look in beautiful colorings.Illumina Glossing that really makes hair shine and brings out that natural look in beautiful colorings.

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