Do’s & Don’ts of Eyelash Extension Care

Do’s & Don’ts of Eyelash Extension Care hover background

Nov 09

Long, fluttering, baby doll eyelashes are every girl’s dream! Think back to your middle school or high school days when you were just starting out experimenting with makeup. Imagine that first time putting on mascara. Got that memory in your mind? I bet you were there messing with that wand trying not to get black smudges on your face. You probably could not get that wand to give you those long full lashes like in the magazines. Instead, you ended up with somewhat longer lashes; kind of clumpy and not at all natural looking. The struggle has followed all of us ever since and left us with the want for natural looking lashes without the hassle every day.

Well guess what!? The next big thing is eyelash extensions! Safe and long lasting lashes that are sure to leave you feeling like your gorgeous self without having to deal with the drama of most mascaras.

SO WHAT ARE THEY? Individual eyelash extensions are either synthetic mink, or silk. Each are adhered to your individual lashes so they will not damage your original lash by clumping them together. So what’s the difference between individual extensions and clusters? Clusters are more temporary because of the glue used, that way they will not pull out your original lashes. They’re better suited for a night out, not long term wear.

Individual lash extensions tend to be better for the long term glamourous look because:

  • They will last 3-6 weeks if taken care of properly
  • They are more natural looking, even weeks later
  • Mink lashes are thinner, therefore more are needed to create a full look, but the overall appearance is more natural
  • Silk are thicker but just as beautiful
  • Refills take about 45 minutes and are done about every 2 weeks as needed.

If you maintain your lashes, it can mean achieving that no makeup beauty look everyday!

HOLD ON before you jump on the latest (amazing) trend, know the do’s and don’ts of getting and maintaining your fluttering lashes:

DO opt for individual lashes if you plan to keep them for longer than a day.

DON’T use mascara!! This just applies extra oil to the glue and will clump your extensions together causing them to fall out.

DO plan ahead. The initial appointment can take up to 2 hours and can cost between $70-$100. But, it is an investment, not just a beauty service.

DO invest in eyelash extension glue sealer. ($24 at Femme Chic). This is a formula that re coats the glue to maintain the extensions. It is a thin, black liquid that is applied like a mascara and it overall enhances the look of your full lashes.

DON’T get your lashes wet! The glue needs 48-72 hours to cure in order to have lasting effects. This means no direct water on your eyes or face for at least 2 days after your lash appointment.

DON’T use any oil or astringent based products near your eyes. This will break down the glues sooner and will cause you to need refills more often. This includes certain makeups, lotions, makeup remover, and face washes.

DON’T sleep on your face! This can be a hard habit to change, but the side you sleep on can make even your natural lashes thinner or just slight differences than the other eye that is not being smashed.

DO use goggles. Some people will go the extra mile and protect their lashes in the shower, bath, and especially the pool. This is really just an extra precaution to protect your investment.


Remember, your eyelash extensions lifespan and the look are a result of how you take care of them. They can be beautiful and natural looking, but you need to work for it!



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