Fish Pedicure Pond

Introducing an Experience like no other at Femme Chic Beauty Salon.

The Fish Pedicure Pond is a retreat and a beneficial beauty service all in one. Come to our outdoor spa area and dip your feet into the Fish pedicure pond. Garra Rufa fish will lightly nibble at your toes, gently removing dead skin and providing an indescribable acupuncture like treatment.
Mimicking the natural habit of the Garra Rufa fish which are imported from Turkey, Femme Chic hopes this organic service will help to promote the harmony between human and nature. Want to learn more about Garra Rufa fish? click here

“It’s so relaxing! I loved getting to feel the fish nibble at my feet as I sat in a cozy, peaceful garden!”

Mini Pedicures to follow your Garra Rufa Fish experience, will be an add-on option that will be available to our guests in the future!

Pedicure Fish Pond Hours
Tuesday-Sunday 4pm – 8pm
Pricing – 30 min experience $20
Beverages always available to our guests

Want to be the first to see? Join us for the GRAND OPENING September 10th 4pm-8pm!