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Aug 31

FOR THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF THE FISH!!!! Please read/follow these steps to enter the Pond.

1. Make sure your feet and lower legs are completely free of cuts, wounds, or skin ailments. Any of these will prohibit the use of the Fish Pond.

2. Fill out an information card and place your money within the envelope and Green crystal Vase. (Credit Cards are taken inside for an additional fee.)

3. Place your foot wear in cubby sectional and use a Sanitary Scrubber at the foot wash area to deeply and completely remove any debris from feet and legs.

4. Take towels as needed and enjoy a seat at the Pond!

5. Place your feet SLOWLY in the water. Excess movement will frighten the fish, and not allow them to come up to you.

6. Watch the clock! 30 minutes can be so enjoyable it can go by quickly!


****Our Garra Rufa Fish experience is still very new. It will take these little guys some time to completely acclimate to their new home! Please be patient and still in the water. It may take serveral minutes for them to sense you and begin nibbling. If you feel like you weren’t able to get the full Fish Pedicure Experience this time, please let us know and we will provide you with a Complimentary Experience Card, to comeback at another time!************

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